Environmental Recycling

Today we are moving past the concept where recycling meant putting it in the incinerator and burning it. The world is gradually moving towards specialized recycling or custom recycling. The idea is a specialized technique, unique to every product to recycle it. It’s as unique as its technique of making it.

This form of specialized recycling calls for special facilities specifically designed to handle such custom recycling.

Such custom facility for different products is not only an engineering challenge to develop but is also very capital intensive. Another challenge is that they need guaranteed minimum raw material availability to ensure feasibility which means that each product would attract only a few recycling facilities globally dedicated to recycle one particular product only.

This is where Blueprint ERE provides a one stop solution to both customers and recyclers. On one hand we provide a custom recycling facility to our customers where in we find the appropriate facility globally, arrange for shipping, handle the anti-dumping laws, provide the necessary certificates and generate value hidden in their trash. On the other hand, we provide the recyclers with a steady stream of raw material to keep their facilities viable.

We encourage recycling for the advantages stated below:

  • It follows new laws concerning dumping into landfills and incinerating is not an option. As per the nature of the material composition each material needs to be attended to, based on its decomposition quotient and hazardous nature.
  • Governments across the globe promote specialized recycling and offer benefits to companies which engage in the same, with tax and other benefits.
  • If one dumps, they receive only a receipt, whereas, if one recycles they obtain the following –
    • Certificate of destruction which guarantees that your trash did not land up in the second hand market.
    • Material composition report - It tells you the quantum of base material that was generated out of your product. If the material generated has value, it can be sold in the market and value for your trash can be generated.
    • Certificate of safe recycling which can be used as proof to liberate oneself of any environmental and accounting liabilities.
    • Last but not the least; it’s a more environmental friendly way to dispose your trash.
  • Carbon Credits is a new option we plan to open for our customers in the near future.