Environmental Trade

We pride ourselves to having one of the most effective trading agility in the industry. We have dedicated sales and collection agents for each region who constantly secure value in the differential with support from our other divisions. Our agents secure bulk orders from recyclers/refurbishers/traders worldwide and using our sourcing capabilities provide them products in the quantity they desire with defined value composition to plan their production and costing. We simplify their sourcing and create trust in their purchase and fully ensure that they have got the value they paid for. Value consciousness is the ethic we follow in our Trade.

Our trade services are available according to the following conditions :

  • As a service fee for OEM companies who wish to engage in reverse logistics & recycling
  • As service fee for institutions who wish to engage in recycling or find maximum returnable value in their trash or engage in safe disposal.
  • As a buy & sell model for used material to feed the aftermarket industry involving refurbishers/recyclers/resellers.
  • We are evolving other value added services like carbon credits.

Our Cartridge Collection and Trading Business is managed by Greenrev.
Visit us at: www.greenrev.com