Environmental Resource Management

Our effectiveness in Environmental Resource Management stems from our awareness that post-consumer supply chain is a complex business activity.

Since it is not an activity where the raw material is constant or standardized moreover, it is a global activity and the resources from different parts of the world need to contribute fully. It is difficult for companies to commit themselves to large investments covering 360º integration. The current trend suggests that most companies which have entered this industry prefer executing a select activity of the trade.

This fragmentation calls for integration and that’s what brings Blueprint ERE in the picture.

Our resource team branded as `Business Resource' is constantly working on the following :-

  • Identifying Channel Partners for each specific activity based on their location, expertise and legal jurisdiction
  • Developing effective Software Solutions to support the collection process on real time basis and link all the channel partners seamlessly.
  • Developing customized Solutions to develop the logistics for each product keeping the compliances in mind.
  • Developing a team of Freelance Experts to assist at local collection points with Inspection and value assessment.
  • Building an Infrastructure Network to outsource our storage and assessment activity to quicken the process.
  • Working with recyclers to Innovate New Techniques to recycle/refurbish new products.

Lets describe ourselves here. We are true “Environmental Solution Designers” using global expertise.

Our resources are managed by Statesmanhill a “Business Resource Portal”