Environmental Regulation

In the age of e-waste and rising environmental concerns, governments across the globe have imposed regulations to control and manage their waste. Since e-regulations is a new concept, officers executing the law adopt a rather cautious approach making compliances and documentation all the more difficult to achieve. Blueprint has an effective legal team which keeps a tab on environmental developments in various countries and integrates the compliances into its supply chain .We have been very active in securing various environmental licenses in the respective countries to strengthen our supply chain .We trade the legal way.

OEM Brand copyright is also an issue which causes obstructions to the supply chain. A challenge which requires in-depth research into each copyright to ensure that the trade is conducted keeping the sanctity of the copyright intact.

This activity which looks simple is in fact very research intensive, making it time consuming and expensive when executed. However, it is our priority to protect the interest of the companies which manufacture these products.

Anti-Dumping laws are also a tight rope we need to walk. The developed world has become more aware of the dumping happening in the developing world and has strengthened its own export compliances. Our legal department keeps a tab on all global treaties and ensures that trade happens in accordance.

E-Regulation Partner: We are available to different environment regulators, boards and associations in the governments of different countries to be taken as their preferred Environment Service Provider.

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