Environmental Collection

Environmental Collection or E-Collection means the process of collecting from the consumer the material that they have already used.

Many OEM companies and charitable organization have tried to build collection programmes based on environmental, social & quality concerns but have remained largely unsuccessful.

However, we recognize that used commodity also has value which can be further shared. Only a collection programme based on the fundamentals of commerce can be successful rather than the ones that are based on social causes. Our collection programme has been evolved to pay the end user a portion of the remaining value and the collectors profit on their services.

Collection is the biggest challenge that the recycling industry faces as end users find it difficult to let go of their assets due to low value realization & lack of effective return programmes. Emotional hoarding also plays a major role in it.

Our collection programme comprises of the following initiatives - :

  • A network of independent worldwide collectors as franchisees or business partners. We are providing them 24hrs technical, logistical, financial support.
  • Our Online collection portal provides instant information to end users on the value of their product and facilitates easy pick up options.
  • City shops with mobile vans to promote both “Over the Counter” and “Onsite” collections.

“Our Cartridge Collection Business is managed by Greenrev.”
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