Environmental Care

Apart from the organized ways of contributing towards a Greener Earth, we pride ourselves on our awareness also consciously work towards our responsibility to the society. In an effort to actively contribute to the development of our society we have taken up a number of activities to achieve our goals in environmental social responsibility.

ERS (Environmental Social Responsibility) Events and Agenda

  • Tree plantation program to help preserve and revitalize urban parks, gardens and public lands.
  • Provisioning for clean drinking water for tribal community, working with local residents to build wells and placing hand pumps which yield high-quality and consistent water supply.
  • Donate – Join our Donation Program,
    • Blueprint, will unlock the value of the donated product via trade, remanufacture or recycle. Under this program, value generated less all expenses and service charge will be donated to affiliated charities.
    • A detailed list of activities of our donation program will be sent to you upon registration.

Register here to become a part of our Environmental Care Program.

Our Environmental Care Programme is managed by Yellow Tree.