Blueprint Alumni Network

Stay connected to Blueprint Alumni Network !

Where have you been lately? Calling all ex-employees to register on the Alumni Network.

Blueprint ERE is committed to create and maintain a network of all those ex-employees who have contributed in big and small ways to Blueprint’s success story.

Even if she was there as a trainee we are keen on staying in touch with our alumni. So get in touch with us right away and lets close the loop.

Alumni Philosophy

Blueprint has a unique character. Anyone who has worked here knows that there is something different, something infectious, edgy and intelligent happening here. Many traits acquired here are unforgettable as stated by ex- employees who have reconnected.

Meanwhile we have observed that each star or unique employee does leave back a bit of his special character to the Blueprint lineage. We also treasure that as change is our credo. We are willing to be influenced by the dynamic elements of talent and resource.

As our employees have moved on they have praised our ways and referred back others to join the company. Now with them carrying a part of Blueprint with them elsewhere they still remain a part of the extended Blueprint family. We also observe their career progress with pride.

Sometimes they have come back to contribute more!

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